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FAQs | School of Indian Music - Sangeetalay


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Frequently Asked Questions


We are not affiliated or follow the syllabus of any Institute, and operate as an independent autonomous body with our own unique course. Our North Indian Classical Vocal Music lessons are designed in a unique fashion unmatched by any other standard curriculum and prepare the student to perform in real situations, with a lot of emphasis being given on practical aspects of singing.

2. What kind of certificate or degree I will get?

We have different packages as below :

Program A - Shaastreey Sangeet – A Long Term Formal Course on North Indian Indian Classical Vocal Music

Program B  - Sugam Sangeet – A Short Term Course on Light Vocal Music with Introduction to North Indian Classical Music

Program C - Vishwa Sangeet – An Educative Course on Equivalency of North Indian Classical Vocal Music with Various Genres of Music Across the World 

3. When are the exams held?

The exams are held when both the teacher and student feel that the student is ready.

4. Do I need any previous knowledge of music?

No, not at all.

5. What is the minimum age one should start learning music?

Although there are various schools of thoughts, we recommend the child should be at least 5 years old before starting a formal education in Indian classical vocal music.

6. What do I need to bring for my first lesson?

Nothing, just yourself! Handouts are provided by us as and when required.

7. What is the duration of each lesson?

Each lesson lasts for a minimum of 45 minutes to maximum of an Hour.

8. What is the size of your classes?

We offer one on one as well as group lessons. Each group is limited to a maximum of 5 students so that each student gets sufficient attention.

9. How much do the lessons cost?

Please e-mail us or call us with your specific requirements and we shall advise the cost of lessons. Group lessons work out a bit cheaper than one on one lessons for obvious reasons.

10. Do you offer music lessons for music lovers who are not interested in any certificate or degree?

Yes, we do. Such candidates are evaluated based on their talent and potential before enrolling, and are trained according to their specific needs. For that matter, All candidates are evaluated prior to enrollment and a case specific lesson plan is designed for each individual.

11. Do you offer music lessons for music lovers who are more interested in learning specific genres of light music such as Bhajans, Ghazals, Bollywood songs or Geet?

Yes, we do. However, since Classical music forms the basis of all genres, we ensure that all students are proficient with basic fundamentals of Indian classical music before they learn any genre of music.

12. How soon can I start singing well?

Unfortunately, we do not have a short cut, and the only way to minimize the training process is to be patient, be committed and practice a lot!

If you did not find answer to your question above, please Contact Us with your question and we shall answer it personally.